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Programming in a real-world enviroment!

The Programming Subteam spearheads innovation through diverse coding languages and software development, shaping our robots’ intelligence and functionality. By fostering an environment that focuses on precision, creativity, and problem-solving; it paramounts into creating robots that excel in the dynamic FIRST Robotics Competition. Our dedicated team specializes in various programming languages like Java, Jekyll, and more, leveraging GitHub for collaborative code development to bring our robots to life.

What We Do

Multilingual Software Development

We drive robot intelligence through a blend of programming languages like Java, Jekyll, and others, crafting robust, efficient code that enables precise control and smart decision-making on the field.

Sensor Fusion and Automation

Our expertise extends to integrating sensors and crafting algorithms that empower our robots to navigate and sense their environment. From vision systems to motion control, we fuse sensor data to drive our robot’s autonomous actions.

Rigorous Testing and Optimization

Testing is at our core! We rigorously test and optimize code, ensuring our robots perform reliably and efficiently during competitions. Our focus remains on fine-tuning algorithms for peak effectiveness.

Collaboration through GitHub

GitHub serves as our collaborative hub. We work closely on code development, fostering seamless integration between hardware and software components, thereby optimizing performance and functionality.

Join Us

Are you passionate about coding, algorithms, robotics, or software development? Join our Programming sub-team and contribute your expertise in programming languages, algorithm design, or software testing to empower our robots with intelligence and precision.