09 Feb 2019 Rosie the Robot

Our build season has really been a special one so far as we look forward to our first competition in March. This year’s game is a very interesting one and we and are excited to see the various designs of each team’s robots by the end of the competition season. We appreciate our sponsors for their continuous support and donations which have helped us enter competitions, obtain parts, and learn.


On February 6th, we submitted the Chairman’s Award to FIRST! The essay really turned out amazing and we feel confident in winning this year’s Chairman’s Award. Our next steps are to prepare the speech and presentation props for the Chairman’s interview.

There has been a lot of progress achieved in completing this year’s Entrepreneurship Award which is due at our first competition (March 8-10). We have been working on compiling data, such as: our budgets, financial expenses, and income, and turning it into graphs. Primarily, the award “celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and recognizes a team which has developed a comprehensive business plan in order to define, manage, and achieve the team’s ongoing objectives” (First Inspires)


This week, we have been working on the different components of the robot, such as: our hatch panel “grabber” mechanism, the electrical work and placement of the wiring, and the lift system for distributing the panels.

Here is a brief description of our robot: at the starting configuration, it is 45 and a half inches and when fully extended it reaches 8ft. The ball intake will lift the back of the robot up to a minimum of 20 inches and takes the balls into the robot from the back and transfers the balls to the ramp, bringing the balls up to Sean’s Ball Shooter on the elevator. The lift, located on the front of the robot, will lift up to 20 inches. Both mechanisms are at the endgame configuration.