Competition Anticipation

02 Mar 2019 Rosie the Robot

We have been working very hard this past week in anticipation for our upcoming competition March 9th-10th. Look for our next blog to be published on March 16th, reviewing our competition and planning the for the next competition (March 24-25).


Over the past week our focus has been on the practice robot. Though we are a bit behind schedule,we are expecting to do well at our competition and have fun. The practice bot is not completely identical to our competition bot, however, it functions exactly the same. We have mostly finished building it (only a few things remain) we will spend the rest of our time practicing. Today, we hooked up all of our electronics and controls readying the robot to operate. The practice bot will enable us to practice operation and be a source for testing improvements on the competition bot.


During the competition our awards committee will be competing for both the Chairman’s Award and the Entrepreneurship Award. The Chairman’s award recognizes teams that best emulate and lead by example the mission of FIRST in their communities. The Entrepreneurship award recognizes teams for their entrepreneurial spirit and for a sound business plan. We are finalizing our speech and rehearsing in front of our team and each other.

Upcoming Competition

Date: March 9th-10th

Approximate Time: 10:30am to 3pm (both days)

Location: Wilby High School 460 Bucks Hill Road, Waterbury, CT 06704 United States

Any of our sponsors planning to attend please contact us and we will arrange for a VIP check-in and seating.

This competition, the Waterbury District Event, is our first of the season. We are really looking forward to it.

For those who are unfamiliar with the way FIRST runs, competitions are very likely. There is a lot of music and people (mostly teams, but some public). It’s an experience that most people will never forget. Teams treat it like a full-blown sport filled with chanting and excitement as experienced at many sporting events.