Early Summer Activities

17 Jun 2019 Rosie the Robot

Farmington River Clean-Ups

The team has been planning a clean-up event somewhere along the Farmington river for our members to participate in (we hope to schedule it monthly). As a team, we want to do our part in contributing to a healthy earth.

If you have any interest in participating in your own clean-up, you can post it on Facebook using either of the following hashtags: #trashtag and #frwa.

Competition in Massachusetts

Our competition, in Springfield went very well for us. We ranked 7 in the qualification matches and made it to finals! Along with team 178, The 2nd Law Enforcers, and rookie team 7869, The Fun Gang. We were very proud of ourselves coming out of the experience, as well as our ability to help a rookie team make 2nd place at the competition!

Our scouting data was extremely effective with an 88% match prediction accuracy. Our alliance members were very interested and also used our data. All of our members were really committed to making the best data possible that accurately represented all of the robots.

Recent Volunteering Event

On Saturday, May 4th, we took part in an electronic waste event for Take2Recycle. This was a great way to work in the community and offered us the ability to raise awareness for STEM. As can be seen in our pictures, our members got some interesting gadgets to bring home that could still be put to good use.

May 11th: Connecticut State Championships

Our team attended the CT State Championship which was an off-season event in Hartford. Our team ended up as the 4th alliance captain and we made it into the semifinals before our defeat against teams #195, #2168, and #4055. At the end of the event we got awarded the Play of the Day for completely filling a rocket ship game piece.

May 23rd: Open House

We organized a public open house for our team members to host and tell attendees about our team and the benefits of FIRST. From this open house we’ve recruited several new members to our team. These new members had the opportunity to attend WIWI (Where Is Wolcott Invitational), where they had had the chance to be part of the drive team and help prepare the robot for its matches.

June 1st: Where Is Wolcott Invitational (WIWI)

WIWI is an off season event hosted by one of our closest team friends, MAX #1071. We always take this event as an opportunity to let everyone try out new positions on drive team and help work on the robot. This year our team was 1st pick on the 8th alliance with team NRG #4055 and team Aetos Dios #7153. Even though we were annihilated in our first match against the #1 alliance seed, our team had a great time at this event.

June 8th-9th: BattleCry Competition

BattleCry is a two day offseason competition held at WPI in Massachusetts. Overall it was a good competition and we had a lot of fun and worked hard. At one point, we were even ranked 1st in the afternoon on the first day and 3rd by the end that day. Shoutout to our final alliance partners 5943, 3461, 3323, & 5030 as well as the wonderful teams 1729 The Inconceivables! and 7127 LongMetal.

June 29th: Summer Heat

Summer Heat is another off season event held up in Maine and is an overnight stay. We head up Friday afternoon and get to sleep in the school’s library along with members from other teams and compete in the competition the following day. It’s a very fun event and it’s definitely a team-favorite.