Robot Lift

02 Feb 2019 Rosie the Robot

Mechanical and Building

The mechanical committee has been working on our robot’s lift which was based on last year’s robot’s lift. It is designed using a long chain and connects two maytec “arches,” one being higher up than the other. The chain will extend the lift to approximately eight feet. This is conveyed in the picture below.

2019 Robot Lift

Our CAD modelling has helped us a lot so that we have a strong idea of exactly what we are going to build. The CAD concepts have ensured our final build is as accurate as possible.

We have our own Computer Numerical Control machine (CNC) and have been recently using. It is a machine that allows us to make a specific program using a drill to make more precise and efficient modifications to metal (like putting in screw holes) to make everything exact.


This Thursday, February 7th, is the submission due date for the Chairman’s Award. Thanks to our dedicated students and mentors who have been working diligently on making a successful and quality essay.

At competitions, we are interviewed by a panel of judges. We start by reciting our speech while presenting a poster board. Seven minutes are provided to do our speech and then we have three minutes to answer the judges’ questions about our speech and essay. Our team will begin writing a speech based off of the essay. Awards Committee members will be choosing three students to present the speech in front of the judges.