Sponsor and Donation Benefits

Our team could always use sponsorship to help us pay for new tools and parts, traveling to competitions, outreach opportunities, and more. We have several guidelines and rules on the different levels of sponsorship or just a donation with specific benefits listed.

1. Bronze ($25-99.00 donation)

Choosing this donation grants a social media shout-out and a thank you letter.

2. Silver ($100-999.00 donation)

This donation option will get your company a business card sized logo of your organization on our robot, a line of text printed on the back of shirts worn by members, your company name and link to your site on this page, an Operation P.E.A.C.C.E. t-shirt, and the other benefits from bronze.

3. Gold ($1000-2,999.00 donation)

This will provide your company with a small version logo of your business on our robot and the back of team shirts, an Operation P.E.A.C.C.E. t-shirt with your logo on the back, and everything else that was included in Silver.

4. Platinum ($3,000-4,999.00 donation)

The Platinum donation option will ensure a medium version logo of your business on our robot and the back of our team shirts, your company’s logo and website featured on the front page of our site, and the same benefits as gold.

Our Sponsors

Title Sponsors

Arthur G. Russell Company

AGR is our closest sponsor. In 2015, our team stayed at several different locations as we struggled to find somewhere permanent, eventually, we found the Arthur G. Russell Company. AGR allows us to use their loft that overlooks the factory floor. They have supported us in several different ways, such as allowing us to use their machinery on the shop floor and having access to many tools and parts, providing us with financial aid annually, featuring us at their holiday luncheons, and with employee mentors who are willing to help our team grow and learn.

Hartford County 4-H

We have been with 4-H since the beginning of our team. We made this decision to work with them so that we would be able to be non-affiliated with a school of any kind (allowing a diverse environment for both students attending high school and homeschoolers). They provide us with helpful resources and help with our travel expenses and FIRST entrance fees.

Platinum Sponsors

Mavice LLC


Gold Sponsors

Gene Haas

TE Connectivity


Phillip Weingart

Thomaston Savings Bank

RBC Bearings

Automation Associates

Sean Drzewiecki

Silver Sponsors

Friends and Family of PEACCE

Connecticut Tooling & Machining Association

Johnny Chea

City of Bristol Mayors Office

Dennis Yard

Price Chopper

Patz Family

Frank Sathory


Dawn Newmin

Sam Patterson

Robert Butler

Richard Covell

Elizabeth Trotta

Nancy Edwards

Eileen Candels